How to remove a bike crank without a puller

Looking for ways to remove a crank from a bike without using a puller?

The crank holds the chain in place. Slippage of the chain can result in your bike not working properly if it is damaged. You may also notice a creaking or groaning sound when the crank is turned. It could be caused by a worn crank or accidental damage.

A puller is one of the most common tools to remove a crank from a bike. This article will show you how to remove the crank with a standard puller.

What is a crank puller?

A crank puller is made up of nuts and bolts. It is used to remove the crank's axle. It is made from aluminum and costs about 5$.

Why should you avoid a puller?

You may not be ready to spend the money on a puller right now. If you don't have professional training, it can cause damage to other delicate parts of your bike. Although you may not have access to a puller, it is possible to remove the crank by yourself in an emergency.

Tools Required to Remove the Bike Crank without a Puller

Use rags or cloths to clean up the dirt. This can be used to remove the center spindle and axle screws from the crank.
Allen keys or a universal key to open nut nuts.
Screwdrivers in sizes CCP-22 and CCP-44 are available to open nuts of M8 and larger nuts of M12 or M14.

Steps to Remove a Bike crank without a puller

1. Get your gloves on

Protecting your hands is the first step. This is crucial. It is dangerous to try and handle bike parts without gloves.

To protect your hands, you can use latex gloves. A small bruising from rusty metal could lead to a serious infection such as tetanus.

2. Open the Crank Bolts

Here is where the Allen key comes in. First, remove the washer and unscrew the bolts or nuts. The washer is the small, metal plate that sits between the bolt and the nut to secure them. It is located below the nut.

Take everything out and put them aside.

3. Take the Crank Out With The Coupler

Use a hex to remove the threads from the coupler. The coupler should be removed. Slowly, as it can damage the crank's surface.

4. The Bike Crank Arms Can Be Opened

You may feel some strain in your arms from this step. If you're unable to do this on your own, it may be necessary for someone else to help. You can disengage the spindle using a spindle wrench by turning it in an anticlockwise orientation.

5. Take out the crank

Once the crank arm is removed from the bike's frame, you can remove it. You might inflict injury on your own if you use too much force.
You can do the same for the other crank.

6. How to Remove a "Self-Extracting" Bike Crank

The crank can be easily removed using a self-extracting crank mechanism. To use the crank as a puller, first, loosen the crank bolt. Once the crank bolt is loose, you can remove the arms and crank. That's it. Easy-peasy right?


A biker should be able to remove a crank from a bike without the use of a puller. You won't need any tools other than a basic screwdriver and an Allen key. Although this may seem difficult at first, it becomes easier with practice.

Use a cloth to clean the crank mechanism. Also, be careful when handling heavy cranks or edged nuts and bolts.

Self-mechanics can save time and money. However, if you have difficulty doing it yourself, a professional mechanic will help you.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove the arms of a bike crank?

Put an Allen key in a crank bolt and turn it in an opposite clockwise direction until the crank bolt comes loose. You will be able to remove the arms by doing the same on each side.

Is it possible to remove a Shimano Bike crank without a puller?

Yes, you can. This method is very similar to a self-extracting crank mechanism, which we have described in this article.

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