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At E Best Reviews, we always value user privacy. Types of personal information we will collect in detail. To clearly understand this, please refer to our privacy policy.

Types of information we can collect 

We can collect your personal information when you register to use our service. That is when you participate in finding and reading articles on the website, leaving messages or questions, registering to order products, using our mobile applications.

Some of the information we collect is as follows:

When you fill out forms on our website. This includes signing up for any marketing service, or creating user accounts, posting documents, or filling out surveys. This information includes address, email address, phone number, etc.)

Cookies help us understand how you interact with the digital platforms on our website. This includes when the elements you click. access, the pages you view and the way you exit our sites.

This information is also collected automatically through cookies. This includes the IP address, operating system, browser type, unique identifier of the device…

How we look after your information

The information in this section explains how we keep your data safe and can only be used for the purpose of data collection.

At E Best Reviews, our team is committed to ensuring users’ personal information. We work in a professional process with appropriate security features to keep private information secure and prevent unauthorized access.

Chatbot feature and links

When our chatbot feature is activated at any time, the user’s IP will be collected automatically. Your interaction with Facebook messenger will help collect your personal information. This helps us to provide you with service newsletters as well as some information about promotion related to the product. Therefore, Facebook ID is also saved via chatbot naturally.

Using the services on E best reviews as well as finding information about them, the user will see a number of links to other websites. Peace of mind! These links are secure and are subject to the user’s privacy policy.

Cookie, web beacons & third party cookies

As a rule of thumb, we are entirely free to use user cookies. Because as mentioned above for the purpose of collecting information, depending on the browser, cookies will customize the content of the website accordingly. On every website, you will see this easy to understand privacy policy. 

With cookies, our team knows which services users are using and helps us manage and maintain the service in the best way. In addition, Third party tracking technology and web beacons are also used for the same purposes.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

Our Advertising Partners

In E Best Reviews privacy policy, our partners may completely use cookies, web beacons, or other basic user information we have collected before.

Amazon Associates Program

E best reviews is one of the participants in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. In essence, this is an affiliate advertising program intended to provide a means for websites to make money by connecting with the programs of,,, and with other websites. 

Children Under 13

At E Best Reviews, children under the age of 13 are not recommended to use our services. Because we are in strict compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act at all times. We respect and value the protection of children online. Therefore, we recommend that parents or guardians spend a lot of time with their children, including when they access the internet.

Whenever personal data of a child under 13 years old is discovered, we will definitely request parental or guardian intervention via email. In order to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, the E best reviews team members will completely delete this data. Please contact us immediately if you find information about children under 13 years old.

Changes in policy

As with many other websites, our privacy policies are subject to change at any time without notice. Therefore, users are defaulted to this when using our website.

However, for important changes to IP, we will notify you via email or a prominent note on the website. Therefore, we encourage you to periodically review your privacy policy. The change in privacy policy is not the responsibility of E Best Reviews. If you want to update to the latest privacy policy, please contact us by email: [email protected]

Last but not least, we will try to answer all your questions as soon as possible. Therefore, please contact us soon!.